Types of home brewing

Homebrewing refers to the brewing of beer at home by individuals rather than commercially for sale. Not everyone can brew at home but those who do need the necessary home brewing supplies.

The main ingredients used in home brewing are water, hops, grain, and yeast. The grains come in two forms- as extracts and as all-grains.

These two types of grains divide home brewing into two types home brewing

1- Extract home brewing

2- All-grains home brewing

1- Extract Home brewing

This kind of brewing is excellent for starters as it is less complicated and helps a brewer learn the process of brewing beer. These homebrews are made using a readily bought malt extract. That is, the company or brand extract the malt sugars, condenses them and sells them. This is bought by the home brewer and mixed with water to be reconstituted along with hops and specialty grains.

The quality of beer does not depend on the type of extraction but on the skill of the extractor. However, All-grain extraction takes time and patience. On the other hand, extract brewing helps a brewer learn the intricate process of brewing. Once this is learned, even all-grain brewing becomes easier. So for beginners extract brewing is the one that is recommended.

2- All-Grain Brewing

All-Grain Brewing is a complicated process technically. This is because in this method the brewer has to extract the sugars from scratch all by himself. There is the vital need to control the amount of steep or draining of grains in temperature-controlled water. This process is also called mash. The process of mashing can take a fair amount of time to perform, usually between 4 to 6 hours.

Home brewing in general is a time-consuming process and a home brewer needs to make sure that he gets the right home brew supplies and maintains the controlled conditions well if he wants to home brew successfully.