The Secrets to Learning Piano Adults With Independent Hands

learn piano

When you study piano, one of the most difficult skills to master is that your hands work independently. However, this is a fundamental part of the piano technique, so we must learn how to possess the independence of the hands at an early stage.

It seems that some brains are connected to learn to work independently from the beginning

There are many young people who are very easy and many intelligent adults who struggle and are desperate not to master the skills.
Do not despair to anyone for playing the piano. Simply follow the tips below and it will be easier to learning piano as an adult. Sometimes you feel that you are not getting anywhere, but although the improvement may be slow, it will continue to be if you persist.

Consider these three steps to success

First, make sure that the music you are learning is simple enough for you. Do not try to move on. Only the call will disappoint you. Adults often try to play piano music that technically transcends them, while long-term success comes faster, learning very simple steps along the way.

With a piano keyboard, your brain must fight with many unknown equipment and learn new motor skills. When you think about the history of the hare and the turtle, you can understand that playing the piano, slow and steady until the finish line is really the best policy.

learn piano

Second, train each hand slowly and alone, until you can play almost perfectly

 He should be so sure that someone who enters the room does not distract him from playing the piano.
The powerful practice is to learn to play the left accompaniment, playing the melody of the right hand. It helps to train your hands independently of your conscious thoughts, and also helps you to hear how the right and left hands fit together before you can play both.

Finally, be sure to do everything slowly at the beginning

When practicing independent hands, take a very slow pace at the beginning. When you put your hands, take it at half the speed it envelops. If you make mistakes in the notes or play too fast, you reinforce the bad technique. Go as slowly as you need it to sound good.