The language of league of legends

ru league of legends

League of legends is a game which requires high concentration. To reveal the fact, the players will never get deviated from the game as this moves more interesting than they sound to be. The experts say that the gaming skills of a person can be easily accessed by the way they tend to play the league of legends. But unfortunately, many accounts get banned because of the minor mistakes made by the gamers. In order to play lol eune without getting banned and other risks, the accounts in can be accessed. Apart from the account, the gamers must be aware of the league of legends language in order to play the game in the most effective way. Here are some of the languages which is often used in league of legends.

ru league of legends


As the name indicates, this is nothing but the short form of dragon. There will be a big monster in the game which is to be killed. The player must remember that in case if another player type drag, it means that they are seeking the help of them in order to kill the dragon. Hence after receiving the message from teammate, the player must fight against the dragon without delay. Obviously the bonus value will also get increased once after killing the dragon.


This is actually the trick which is used while playing the game. The experienced players will be luring more often in order to confuse their opponent this is nothing but in order to trap the opponent, the players will be luring. And once if the opponent gets cheated, the player will attack them suddenly and weakens their health to a greater extent.


This is another tactics which will be followed while dealing with the opponent. In case if a person in the team types kiting, the other player should run away from the opponent in order to deal them simultaneously.

Apart from these, there is several other league of legends languages which the gamers should learn before starting the game. They can read these languages in the reviews mentioned in the online websites.