Pick what fits

Pick what fits

We all have the habit of drooling over celebrity outfits, even if what they wear is casual street style. That is mostly because we think our style, whatever it is, isn’t classy. This isn’t true. Most of the time, we just don’t get our style right because we fail to choose the better fit for ourselves. Whether we dress in a brand like Dickies Australia or Nike, our shirts and casuals seem to betray us.

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This is because we don’t really understand what a good fit means. Fitting doesn’t really have to do with size, it has to do more with the look.

When choosing a street style, keep in mind-

1- Body type

Everyone has a different body type and you need to take the time to understand yours. Different body types look good in different types of dresses. Drapes may look good on your friend, but ridiculous on you. T-shirts that emphasize the bust may be your thing but not your sisters. So body types differ and it is worth trying several styles before settling on one.

2- Fabric type

Fabric plays a great role in determining how they look on yours. Cotton T-shirts fit throughout your body, however, polyester and nylon won’t give the same look.

3- Pick a brand

Brands are all the name out there but it is not necessary that since you have paid for them they will make you look like a celebrity. You need to choose a brand that settles on your body. You might prefer Adidas or Levis, but what goes well on you is Dickies Australia.

4- Take advice

Some of our friends and relatives are natural geniuses when it comes to fashion. It never hurts to tag along a fashionista to get you the right dress.

In the end, the key is to try on different things. You never know which style suits you. Once you start finding out which clothes make you look better, you will know what to pick instantly. It doesn’t take a lot to find that out except a few extra trips to the changing room when you are out shopping.