Opportunities should be provided for active learning among children.

The popular schools in Hong Kong will offer the school readiness pathway at the tutor time to the students. The curriculum is provided through full-immersion for bilingual English Mandarin. A customized curriculum is recognized and arranged for each child by taking the aspects of child development into consideration. The creativity of a child can be stimulated through the critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We will focus on the unique interests and abilities of a child with the opportunities of self-expression and active learning. Intentional planning and regular assessment are required in order to make sure that the students will achieve the social and academic skills which are required for the primary schools.

Daily schedule:

It is important to recognize the importance of compassion and empathy which are included in the fundamentals of the bilingual kindergarten curriculum. The concentration and perseverance are required while learning to develop the problem-solving skills. There should be enough time for the special events with family in the regular timeslots of the students daily schedule. The students can develop critical thinking when they take part in the inquiries and experiments at all age levels.

Enrichment program:

We ensure that we are committed to providing the positive educational learning experience for the toddlers. The teachers should have enough experience in order to meet the developmental needs of the child in the playgroup Kowloon Tong. The guides are offered by the school to support the students in the learning process. A range of courses is offered in the enrichment program at the tutor time. The children should have interest and take it as a challenge to learn different skills. If you want to apply for any course then you can check the details of the course and apply as early as possible.