Intermittent hypoxic therapy for healing and performance improvement

Hypoxico’s irregular hypoxic training package and procedure are very popular with health and wellness expert looking for alternative treatments. The goal is to use short irregular inhalations of hypoxic air interspersed with inhalations of ambient air. This non-invasive, drug-free method aims to advance human performance and well being by way of adaptation to reduced oxygen.

Radix Fitness in Redlands, California uses broken hypoxic training in a very simple yet intensely useful training intervention for athletes. An athlete can use it for rehabilitating from a wound, or simply recovering from a hard training session. The user to lie down or sit while breathing hypoxic air created by one of the altitude training mask generators this is called Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure or IHE. For clearness, this is different from Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT), which is made in an active state, habitually while exercising. The trainers at Radix employ the IHE protocol can increase the cardiovascular system, stimulate and fix damaged nerves while reducing the overall physical training load intrinsic in aerobic exercise.

The IHE protocol is uncomplicated and usually requires 30-60 minutes of total training time. The user will simply take breaths 9% oxygen air from their altitude-simulating generator in 5-6min intervals. This drops the blood oxygen diffusion levels and stimulates the hypoxic response in the body. Once the interval is over, the user will just take the mask off and breathe ambient air for 4-5 minutes, allowing blood oxygen saturation levels to return to usual.These cycles of great hypoxia and reoxygenation recreate a natural physiological process that happens in all human embryonic development to make an anti-oxidative defense. The goal is to defend the body from free radicals. In newborn babies, this defense helps fight the early oxidative stress of hyperoxia at birth. With adults, it can equally help fight unavoidable oxidative stress associated with daily life.

In addition to accelerating rehab and recovery with altitude training mask, there is also proof IHE can slow the process of aging, prevent chronic illnesses and promote overall health, wellness and rejuvenation.While strongly geared towards wellness and improvement, IHE is a helpful piece of any altitude-training program.