How Killing the Boss help you to make money?– OSRS in RuneScape

Today, in this article we will be sharing some great money making techniques that will help you to not only earn OSRS gold in RuneScape but will also help you get some XP in the same. So, in order to increase your profit, just make sure to check the prices of the items and the gold before you try these below-mentioned techniques:


Killing this boss requires level 87 of the slayer and here, you must be on the slayer’s task. However, it is not easy to get a pet from it and it takes around 46 hours to get the per. Anyhow you will have to kill 65 krakens every single hour, that helps you to make around 1m OSRS. This completely depends on the drops you collect. Here, a number of players skip the task just because you cannot get the best slayer XP from it.

Corporeal Beast

In case you are looking to have a little fun with 2-3 friends in the game, then the corporeal beast is the very good option for you. It somehow drops the Elysian Spirit Shield which is said to have worth around 680M OSRS that can make you rich in case you manage to collect it. The Corporeal Beast is very hard to play alone; therefore, you must have a small team to play against the boss.


Zulrah is a great boss if you are looking to make a significant amount of rs gold, and the advantage of killing it is 2M+ GP/h. However, Zulrah can be a hard boss in order to learn to fight against him. Zulrah has some really valuable drops, and you might get one of the rare drops which are a rare chance, and those can be the Tanzanite Fangs, Uncut Onyx, Serpentine Visage and more.

In order to kill Zulrah, we recommend you to at least have an 85 Magic and 75 range. So, in case you are looking for a good boss from which you can earn a lot of RS or OSRS gold, then Zulrah is one of the best options available in the game for you.