Advantages of Oddsmonkey as a matched betting website

Advantages of Oddsmonkey

In an era of computers and internet, people have been looking for ways to make money from home. While some people work hard by getting hired over the internet, there are also those who like to use matched betting websites in order to increase their income.


Working guarantees you money, betting does not. You can be sure to spend on the bet, but returns are never a surety. That is a reality with all betting games, casinos as well as matched betting websites.

However, those who are addicted to betting, still do it. For those who still stake their money on bets, Oddsmonkey may be one of the good options to stake at.

Who are they?

Oddsmonkey is basically a matched betting website or lay-betting website that lists various subscriptions and odds that may offer the best value in return to their customers. It is not free of charge and to get started on their website you need to make a payment of £17.99 per month or £150 per year.


1- Cheaper

When compared to other betting websites, the subscription payment for this website is way lower. The pricing per month is very reasonable compared to the others as well.

2- Wide selection of offers

They provides a variety of offers and bonuses to select from. For this a list of various bookmakers that provide the best and least stakes is displayed.

3- Offer calender

One of the special features of this website is that they have a calendar that displays all offers in one place. This gives the user an idea about the various bets and stakes out there.

4- Guidelines

This website provides its users with appropriate guidelines. Especially newbies are given special and detailed guidelines on where and how to stake their money.

5- Own software

Oddsmonkey actually started off as software producers before entering the betting business. That is why they have some of the best software in the field.

6- Betting calculator

They also feature a betting calculator that allows you to calculate your betting stakes and how much you can earn from a single bet.

Since their entry into the business, Oddsmonkey has provided some of the best and most efficient services in the matched betting field. While there are no sure bets out there, oddsmonkeys can show you the places where you can bet with minimum risks, that is what they are there for.