A Simple Guide to Choices Stories You Play

Virtual gaming has turned out to be more exciting with the time. As we have now better technologies and more advanced devices, playing games gives more satisfaction. Smartphone users often love to spend free time or spare time into various kinds of games that are available in Google store. Plenty of popular games are there, and “Choices Stories You Play” can be considered as one of those popular games. Exciting twists and turns into the storyline is the major highlight of this game. Avid gamers often appreciate it for its graphics, exciting features, interactive options and many more.

Understanding the Basics of the Game

Though this is a free game, there are a few occasions when users may need to make some investments. For example, when you start playing the game you shall note that keys and diamonds are offered to users. Collecting these two elements is important as they shall be consumed when you enter a new chapter. Deficiency of diamonds would not let you to play the next chapter. In this case, you have to purchase them. Different packages are there and you shall get them in the game store.

Switching the Stories

Total three stories can be found when you start playing the game. Beginners have to make a selection or choice. You can choose any story as you want. Now, the problem is that once a story is selected, you shall get into that story directly whenever you launch this game on your Smartphone. That means the story selection screen would not appear. So, you must be thinking how to switch story in such scenario? To switch story, you need to tap “exit story” option and that will take you to the selection screen once again. Now, at this selection screen, as per your requirements or preference you can choose any story for playing choices stories you play.

Keys for Reading Chapters

When you want to read chapter of a story, you have to give away some keys. In exchange of a few keys, you shall be allowed to read a chapter. Another thing has to be reminded that availability of your keys should not come to the number 2 or below than that. If that happens, a timer will appear when you are reading a chapter. So, playing this game becomes difficult without keys.

Earning Diamonds

You earn diamond when you complete a chapter. Thus, playing more will ensure more diamonds on your collection.