Why I Wrote Head in the Game

It started a few different places, really, but what it boiled down to was love.

It all boiled down to love. I loved my wife. I loved my son. And now I already love the new one growing in my wife’s belly.

And I just didn’t feel strong enough, or patient enough, or … just enough. I needed to grow.

Along the way, I found a revolution taking place.

It rose at this obscure but shockingly broad intersection of neuroscience, business, technology, and sports. Everyone involved is convinced it’s the future — and that seems true. This revolution has played an outsized role in recent gold medals, world championships, and Super Bowl victories, and so on.

There is all kinds of flashy, sexy tech and such in HitG.

But at its core it’s about human beings finding sci-fi-like ways to see inside their own heads and then strengthen what’s going right in there — and do something about what might be going wrong.

I thought it would just be this little book telling the story of scientists learning secrets about humanity via their study of great athletes’ brains … but instead it became this epic quest to not only tell those stories, but explore the implications they not only could have, but were already having. Countless athletes — great, famous athletes — have benefitted. They’ve called This Stuff “life-changing.”

So I turned myself into a guinea pig to try it all out for myself.

That took me farther and deeper than I ever thought humans could go.

I just could not relent. The more I learned, the more questions I had, and the more I had to know.

I asked sooooo mannnnyyyy stupid questions to really, really smart people. Neuroscientist, psychiatrists, sports scientists, tech savants, on and on and onnnnnn … They were incredibly patient.

It started as a book deal to give me work and further my career, yes. But along the way, as with all good stories, even though I ended up in the story, it wasn’t to make this about me, but rather to show you what was possible for all of us.

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Writer-at-large for B/R Mag at Bleacher Report. Obsessed with great stories and learning about the world. Loves talking about this stuff. A little bit crazy.

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