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This little guy was an enormous driving force behind my writing HEAD IN THE GAME. I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t say much more than that — except to tease this: HEAD IN THE GAME is, first and foremost, about amazing, secret things the world’s greatest athletes are doing to change their brains, which is changing their lives, and then it’s about the massive implications that has for all of us.

But — and this will sound like a cheesy Sandra Bullock line or something, but! — researching all of this also changed my life.

In short, I was kind of a mess before Katie and I found out she was pregnant with Jonah. And before that, I was an even bigger mess. Katie showed me strength and love I didn’t know was possible in human beings, which saved me. I was working my way back to solid, and then this guy showed up in her belly. Suddenly I knew I was wildly inadequate, and nothing else mattered but becoming a better man, to be the father I hoped I could be for him.

That was the magic sauce driving me as I researched HEAD IN THE GAME. Even though I’m not really a science guy, I geeked out on thousands of pages’ wroth of articles from scientific journals and dense scientific books. Even though I’m a storyteller who loves a thrilling ride at heart, I found myself joyously writing detailed explanations of how things work inside our heads.

And all of that because this is about a bigger story: The story of all of us, and why we are the ways we are — and how we can change. How we can be better. Not just at sports, but as people. That was the most wild part of all of this: All these athletes describing this stuff not as “game-changing,” but “life-changing.”

Oh, and I did get better. Not as in “better than others” or “better than my previous self” or some such.

No, just … healthier.


P.S. I feel gross throwing a link on here to buy the book because this comes from the heart, but Katie would tell me that’s not very smart, so …

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