Podcast Episode 002: No. 2 NBA Draft Pick Kenny Anderson + Director Jill Campbell Discuss ‘Mr. Chibbs,’ Trauma, Connecting With Each Other, and More


This week’s guest is two guests: Kenny Anderson and Jill Campbell.

Kenny is the former No. 2 overall NBA draft pick.

Jill is the director of a documentary that just came out about him. It’s called Mr. Chibbs.

MR. CHIBBS (2017)

Take a look at our newly released trailer! Mr. Chibbs – Kenny Anderson premieres in New York City May 3.

Posted by Mr. Chibbs – Kenny Anderson on Thursday, March 16, 2017


Kenny was supposed to be Kobe, and though he had a perfectly solid 14-year career in the league, he was no Kobe.

Turns out, he was playing hungover half the time.

Basketball was his escape, because he’d stay in the gym all day and as late into the night as he could to avoid going home.

At home, he shared a bedroom with a mother who was addicted to drugs.

And that’s only the beginning.

We cover a lot, including

  • How a documentary filmmaker (and journalists, too) can connect with story subjects who have suffered trauma, and establish trust between them.
  • The intense fear that a lot of great athletes – and CEOs, and so on – have when it comes to therapy and getting mental health help overall. (“They’re like, ‘I can’t come out,'” Kenny says.)
  • The way Kenny used basketball to escape a brutal home, where he shared a bedroom with a mother addicted to drugs.
  • The way Kenny suffered much of his life under the weight of childhood trauma that included being molested by a neighbor and trusted coach.
  • And plenty more.

More show notes coming soon.

And I’m going to write more about this next week.

Meanwhile, go ahead and listen. It was a great conversation.


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