Podcast Episode Zero

Hey everyone, welcome to the Head in the Game podcast, Episode Zero.

This one’s an intro episode laying out out the general idea behind the podcast and sharing some clips of audio from interviews I did for the book over the past few years.

The short of it: The world’s best athletes are learning to control their mind instead of letting their mind control them.

That sounds kind of like self-help crap.

It’s not. It’s grounded in science and built around stories.

I care about this and want to talk about this beyond the book because a lot of the ways they are doing this are things all of us can do — things that can really help us.

I tried virtually all of it.

Much of it, I still use.

It helped me see myself more clearly. Helped me understand myself better.

And — I think this might be the most important part — it’s helped me understand other people, too.

This podcast will be an ongoing experiment and I’m going to let it evolve as we go, but right now there is a rough plan: I’m shooting to air an interview every week or so with someone from this new world of “mental engineering,” or someone who can contribute to it. A couple are already in the can, and several more scheduled for recording over the next few weeks.

Not just because of the science — though the science is very kickass indeed — but because of the story that science is part of.

It’s a story about all of us. We’ll dive into everything in the book — brain-reading tech for your iPhone, magical breathing techniques, virtual reality, psychedelics, meditation, religion, sensory deprivation chambers, “mushin,” Samurai-inspired spirit quests — but we’ll go beyond the book, too.

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Along the way, I’ll throw in short mini-pods, five to ten minutes or so, highlighting something cool I’ve learned or that someone else told me and I just think you’d like to hear, too.


None yet. This is purely a passion project for now. (More on why below.)

Thought about sponsors or going with some outlet, and talked with a few places, and I’m not opposed to it in the future.

But for now, I just need to dive in, experiment, and figure out what works best without worrying about navigating difference chains of approval from sponsors, publications, whoever else.

I’m an overthinker anyway, so the fewer cooks in my kitchen when I’m starting something like this, the better.

And along the way, you can give me feedback using our Contact page. Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what you want and don’t want, all that. I have my own ideas and reasons for wanting to this, but I want you to get what you want out of it.

And if you do get something out of it and want to support somehow, just buy a copy of Head in the Game for yourself or people you know, and/or book me for some speaking engagements.

But really, don’t even feel like you have to do that much. If you’re reading and listening, then that’s plenty good enough for me. I’m just glad you’re here.

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