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“This isn’t just about sports. This is about the good of humanity. 
I mean, we’re getting into some next-level shit here.”
(Dr. Andy Walshe, Red Bull’s Director of Human Performance, in Head in the Game)

Excerpt: ‘Steph Curry’s Secrets to Success: Brain Training, Float Tanks, and Strobe Goggles’ for B/R Mag at Bleacher Report

Huge thank-you to B/R Mag at Bleacher Report for running this excerpt from Head in the Game. It’s a mashup of different tools used by Steph Curry that make an appearance in the book. (The sensory deprivation chambers/float tanks are especially fantastic.) Click.
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Why I Wrote Head in the Game

It started a few different places, really, but what it boiled down to was love. It all boiled down to love. I loved my wife. I loved my son. And now I already love the new one growing in my wife’s belly. And I just didn’t feel strong enough, or...
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Let’s revisit Urban Meyer’s ‘I’m Not the Lone Wolf’

Back in the fall, Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley graciously welcomed me into their lives so that I could tell the story of Urban’s battle with what we call “mental illness” for B/R Mag. The result was “I’m Not the Lone Wolf,” which ended up going viral. With Head in...
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Head in the Game teaser trailer

Here a week from publication, I’m thrilled to share the first teaser trailer for Head in the Game.
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This little guy

This little guy was an enormous driving force behind my writing HEAD IN THE GAME. I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t say much more than that — except to tease this: HEAD IN THE GAME is, first and foremost, about amazing, secret things the world’s greatest...
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"(Sometimes, this feels like exploring deep space.) So, f—ing jump on for the ride, everyone. Let’s go!" — Dr. Andy Walshe, Director of High Performance, Red Bull

Talking: Mental health for student-athletes, ‘Head in the Game,’ and more on the Next Play podcast

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Vin McCaffrey the last couple months. We connected after he read my Urban Meyer story at B/R Mag back in the fall, emailed me, and it turned out we were both in the same town. He’s a smart guy building a cool...
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