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“This isn’t just about sports. This is about the good of humanity. 
I mean, we’re getting into some next-level shit here.”
(Dr. Andy Walshe, Red Bull’s Director of Human Performance, in Head in the Game)

Welcome to the Ride

Many of the athletes and scientists featured in Head in the Game say that what they are doing has the potential to change the world. Usually, someone saying something like that will make me run screaming the other direction. I’m dramatic sometimes. But these folks … they seem like they might actually...
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Cristiano Ronaldo heads a ball into a net in the pitch dark

Here’s a video mentioned in Chapter 13 of HEAD IN THE GAME, “Gaming the Brain.” In this vid, Cristiano Ronaldo heads a ball into the net even as the world turns pitch black. It’s a video that NeuroTracker pitch man and CogniSens CEO Jean Castanguay showed me while we sat...
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Addicts and Their Overlooked Struggle with Depression

Introducing our first Contributed Post at the Head in the Game blog, where, among other items, I hope and plan to share stories of others making their minds stronger.      Addicts and Their Overlooked Struggle with Depression by Constance Ray | Contributor from People working to overcome an addiction...
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Talking Steph Curry and ‘Neurocognitive Efficiency’ on CNN Philippines

Had a most excellent time talking Steph Curry, neurocognitive efficiency, and HEAD IN THE GAME with Mico Halili for CNN Philippines’ Sports Desk today.   .@brandonsneed takes a closer look at Steph Curry’s mental training. — CNN Philippines (@cnnphilippines) March 7, 2017
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Excerpt: ‘The performance enhancer for your brain: How elite athletes are using EEG to get a mental edge’ at SI

Many thanks to Sports Illustrated for running this excerpt from Head in the Game. It’s about how great athletes are using EEG technology to study and train their brains, much like they use film, personal trainers, and the like the study and train their bodies and their skills. Beyond their sports,...
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Excerpt: ‘Prologue: The Conspiracy’ and ‘Chapter 1: Two Very Different Brains’

HarperCollins just posted a first look at the inside of Head in the Game, including the title pages, chapter breakdowns, and, best of all, the Prologue and Chapter 1. This is where this book process of rolling out the book gets kind of emotional and scary for me, because this...
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