Further exploration of the 'mental engineering' revolution in sports, and beyond.

“This isn’t just about sports. This is about the good of humanity. 
I mean, we’re getting into some next-level shit here.”
(Dr. Andy Walshe, Red Bull’s Director of Human Performance, in 
Head in the Game)

What is ‘This Stuff’ and ‘The Ride’?

“This isn’t just about sports. This is about the good of humanity. I mean, we’re getting into some next-level shit here.” — Dr. Andy Walshe, Director of Human Performance, Red Bull This Stuff is all that “next-level shit,” which includes all things “mental engineering,” as found in the Head in...
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The Baseball Player and His Broken Brain

This is not a story I wanted to put into print, but leaving it out would feel dishonest. When my hunt for This Stuff began about three years ago, it was personal, and many people only opened up after they heard some of my story. It seemed to unlock an...
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Podcast Episode 002: No. 2 NBA Draft Pick Kenny Anderson + Director Jill Campbell Discuss ‘Mr. Chibbs,’ Trauma, Connecting With Each Other, and More

  This week’s guest is two guests: Kenny Anderson and Jill Campbell. Kenny is the former No. 2 overall NBA draft pick. Jill is the director of a documentary that just came out about him. It’s called Mr. Chibbs.
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Podcast Episode 001: Steph Curry’s Personal Trainer, “Neurocognitive Efficiency” Connoisseur Brandon Payne

Hello everyone. I’m thrilled to, at long last, give you Episode 001 of the Head in the Game Podcast. I sat down with Steph Curry’s personal trainer Brandon Payne at his Accelerate Basketball facility just south of Charlotte.
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Podcast Episode Zero

Hey everyone, welcome to the Head in the Game podcast, Episode Zero.
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Two Very Different Brains

“This is almost like a hiddden world of stuff that, if you don’t know about it, then you don’t know anything about it. And that’s really unfortunate. There’s so much power we have, if we have the right tools.” — Dr. Leslie Sherlin, CEO and founder, SenseLabs, which creates technology that...
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The Conspiracy

  llo, mate!” Wearing a long, loose white T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and flip-flops, Andy Walshe, Ph.D., an enthusiastic, balding, white-haired Australian with energy for days, strolls into the Red Bull North America headquarters lobby. I’m relieved. It’s February 2016, and I was nervous that Walshe, Red Bull’s director of...
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