Excerpt: ‘Prologue: The Conspiracy’ and ‘Chapter 1: Two Very Different Brains’

HarperCollins just posted a first look at the inside of Head in the Game, including the title pages, chapter breakdowns, and, best of all, the Prologue and Chapter 1.

This is where this book process of rolling out the book gets kind of emotional and scary for me, because this is where it gets personal.

As you’ll see, I became part of this book without ever intending to.

The book is ultimately, yes, about amazing, fantastic new science and tech, and with it, the stories of hundreds of great athletes, scientists, psychologists, and more doing amazing, fantastic work.

I can’t stress that enough. This is about so much more than me.

But for all of that amazing, fantastic new science and tech, and for those stories of great people using it to do great things, it also became inescapably clear to me: Many people’s minds are broken, at least a little and often a lot, often far more than they know, because the broken brain often does not know it is broken — and this stuff cannot help someone, not the way it is designed to, unless they first dare to deal with their brokenness.

And in order to illustrate that uncomfortable but essential truth, I needed an engaging way into that didn’t feel like preaching.

I needed a good story.

And after several interviewees agreed and then changed their minds, it was crunch time, and all I had left was myself.

But that, my editors carefully and insightfully reminded me, was kind of the crux of the whole thing: I only found this stuff because part of me needed it first.

My own brain had been good and broken before.

So, to be honest about why I was looking into any of this in the first place, I told that story.

My story very much about failure, first as an athlete, then as a human being.

I promise, the book’s way more fun than that sounds! (Or maybe that does sound fun to you? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! Just kidding. Maybe. Winky-face emoji.)

But that’s how it works, isn’t it? The hard parts make the good parts good.

Anyway, this excerpt lays it all out there.

(And not to spoil the ending, but the book is ultimately about the success the people using the stuff in this book … and that includes your narrator’s story, in a small way, too.)

Anyway, below are some screengrabs of the book preview — which you can view in full at this link: Click.

Happy reading!