Cristiano Ronaldo heads a ball into a net in the pitch dark

Here’s a video mentioned in Chapter 13 of HEAD IN THE GAME, “Gaming the Brain.” In this vid, Cristiano Ronaldo heads a ball into the net even as the world turns pitch black. It’s a video that NeuroTracker pitch man and CogniSens CEO Jean Castanguay showed me while we sat on the couch in his Montreal office, pounding espressos and jabbering on with much excitement.

The point: Ronaldo’s brain is amazing at translating what he sees into what he needs to do, even when he can no longer see. That comes down to what the experts call “speed of information processing” and such — and now, beyond simply practicing on the pitch or in the gym or wherever, this is a skill that can be deliberately trained.

As with just about everything in the book, this blew my mind.