The Start

What is ‘This Stuff’ and ‘The Ride’?

“This isn’t just about sports. This is about the good of humanity. I mean, we’re getting into some next-level shit here.” — Dr. Andy Walshe, Director of Human Performance, Red Bull This Stuff is all that “next-level shit,” which includes all things “mental engineering,” as found in the Head in...
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The Baseball Player and His Broken Brain

This is not a story I wanted to put into print, but leaving it out would feel dishonest. When my hunt for This Stuff began about three years ago, it was personal, and many people only opened up after they heard some of my story. It seemed to unlock an...
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Why I Wrote Head in the Game

It started a few different places, really, but what it boiled down to was love. It all boiled down to love. I loved my wife. I loved my son. And now I already love the new one growing in my wife’s belly. And I just didn’t feel strong enough, or...
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This little guy

This little guy was an enormous driving force behind my writing HEAD IN THE GAME. I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t say much more than that — except to tease this: HEAD IN THE GAME is, first and foremost, about amazing, secret things the world’s greatest...
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