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Let’s revisit Urban Meyer’s ‘I’m Not the Lone Wolf’

Back in the fall, Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley graciously welcomed me into their lives so that I could tell the story of Urban’s battle with what we call “mental illness” for B/R Mag. The result was “I’m Not the Lone Wolf,” which ended up going viral. With Head in the Game coming out, and since part of it deals with this sort of thing, I felt like it was a...
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Head in the Game teaser trailer

Here a week from publication, I’m thrilled to share the first teaser trailer for Head in the Game.
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This little guy

This little guy was an enormous driving force behind my writing HEAD IN THE GAME. I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t say much more than that — except to tease this: HEAD IN THE GAME is, first and foremost, about amazing, secret things the world’s greatest athletes are doing to change their brains, which is changing their lives, and then it’s about the massive implications that...
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"(Sometimes, this feels like exploring deep space.) So, f—ing jump on for the ride, everyone. Let’s go!" — Dr. Andy Walshe, Director of High Performance, Red Bull

Talking: Mental health for student-athletes, ‘Head in the Game,’ and more on the Next Play podcast

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Vin McCaffrey the last couple months. We connected after he read my Urban Meyer story at B/R Mag back in the fall, emailed me, and it turned out we were both in the same town. He’s a smart guy building a cool company called Game Plan. They help NCAA student-athletes navigate life, college, and sports from freshman year on into the job market....
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Hey, I'm Brandon, this is the HitG blog, where we go beyond the book to explore This Stuff and stay up to date on the greater HitG universe, share stories of HitG readers figuring out how to get their own heads in the game (sorry, that pun is just too easy and fun), and generally goof off a little. Oh and it's free and always will be. Don't try to pay me, I won't let you.

What is “This Stuff”?

There are so many tools for "mental engineering" — just getting the mind right, really — that there is no single clean label, so I’ve gone with the extremely scientific term This Stuff.

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